D. A. Sharpe

Aurora, Wise County, Texas

Biographical sketch for Genealogical - Historical constituencies

Dwight Albert Sharpe is a fifth generation Texan, born 1939 in Ballinger, Runnels County, Texas.  His great, great grandfather, Ohio born Judge Felix Benedict Dixon settled in San Augustine County in 1841, having taken a citizenship oath to the Republic of Texas in order to purchase several hundred acres of land. 

He is a sixth generation descendant of an American Revolution military officer, New York State Militia Lt. George P. Sharp, his third great grandfather.

His Sharpe surname derives from German Palatines who immigrated for English investors in 1710 to what became New York State.  They were a group of 3,000 with indentured servant contracts to work along the Hudson River, north of Manhattan Island, around what became Germantown, New York. Lt. Sharp above is a grandson of one of those 3,000 German immigrants.

Mr. Sharpe is a tenth generation American, whose seventh great grandfather is Plymouth Colony Governor William Bradford, a Mayflower passenger in 1620, and who reputedly had much to do with compiling the Mayflower Compact. Though self taught for the most part, he did have knowledge of six languages, and was among the most literate of the Mayflower passengers.  

He is a qualified member of the lineage societies of the Sons of the Republic of Texas and the Sons of the American Revolution.  He is a dues paying member of more than a dozen genealogical, community and historical interest organizations. 

Texas Governor Rick Perry commissioned him as an Admiral in the Texas Navy.  Texas Admirals affiliate with the Texas Navy Association, the historical educational organization promoting knowledge about the Texas Navy of the Republic of Texas 1836-1845. 

Mr. Sharpe has beenan Official of the State of Texas, having been appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Texas Senate to serve on one of the State professional licensing boards.  He is Chairman of the Wise County Ballot Board, which oversees elections. He serves on the Historical Preservations Commission of the City of Aurora, where he resides in Wise County, Texas.

He is a 1957 graduate of Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas, TX; he attended Austin College in Sherman, TX 1957-1959
and is a 1962 BBA graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.

He and his wife, Suzanne, raised two sons and a daughter.  They enjoy seven grandchildren among their children, 24 great nieces and nephews and three great, great nephews (who are eighth generation Texans) and one great, great niece. One son and the daughter's family of five children, reside in North Texas. Another son and two children lived in Texas till 2012, but now reside in Montana. 

Mr. and Mrs. Sharpe are members of Eagle Mountain International Church in Fort Worth.   They reside on 10 acres in Aurora, Wise County, Texas. He is involved in political actity, which can be seen in this sktech.


805 Derting Road East
Aurora, TX 76078-3712
H:  817-638-5560
C:  817-504-6508

Facebook:  Dwight Albert Sharpe