Misc Documents

We report to you that there's a new Sheriff in town,

"for such a time as this!" Esther 4:14


These are the documents around which the USA/Israel Program message was built for February 24, 2017



Missing the Meaning of Trump

Gary Bauer Feb 23, 2017


The Cabinet Nominees

Cabinet Confirmations



U City Graves Sad icons of the presence of evil and anti-semetism

This cemetery was near where we lived in the St. Louis suburb of University City 1972-1982



For any of you wanting to know background info about me:

My Political Bio Sketch

My Christian Testimony

My Family/Genealogical Testimony


Teaching my grandchildren about how "Government Works"

This document is a PDF, but in PDF, the many hyperlinks to other information do not operate. If you want this

document WITH the hyperlinks to work, you need to download this Word format version into your computer to open it.

"Government Works" WORD format download


I was Wise County Republican Party Chairman 2000 - 2008. Part of the duties

were to coach political candidates how to speak & write. Here is a document used:

Speaking & Writing Tips


Program Outline Introducting My Autobiography


BE INFORMED as a Christian about what's going on around you, politically!


D. A. Sharpe