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Updated October 5, 2017


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United States Presidents & Vice Presidents Which Are Related To Our Family


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Stories & Newspaper Articles I've Written


British Monarchs Related to our Family


Significant Christians in our Family


D. A. & Suzanne Sharpe both are Admirals in the Texas Navy - What is THAT?


I played on a Football Bowl Championship Team!


My Personal Home Page Website


A Government Course I made for my grandchildren to explain Government


Speaking & Writing Tips I Gave Political Candidates When I was County Chairman


Photo Gallery of the 2005 Presidential Inaugural Week in DC We Attended





 This is an EXTENSIVE size page of my genealogical ancestry & history


This is an EXTENSIVE size page of my polotical activities


This is my Autobiography under construction in 2017 for children & grandchildren



Dwight Albert (D. A.) Sharpe

805 Derting Road East, Aurora, Wise County, Texas, 76078-3712