What’s 1,000 Generations?


We Christian believers often appraise our thoughts as to when might we expect the second coming of Jesus Christ.  There is much contemporary anticipation that it is to be just about any time now. 


As a Christian, it would be thrilling to be present when He comes, riding on the clouds! However, my commitment to covenant with God the Heavenly Father, is not altered by when I think the second coming occurs, or by when it actually occurs.  My chief future desire is the knowledge that I know that I will be with God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit in eternity! Praise be to God.


With my understanding about the truth in all of the Bible, on the subject of the second coming, I’ve noticed some scriptures that mention the term of “1,000 generations.”  Here are four Scripture verses of which I can note using “1000 Generations”:


Exodus 34:7                             Deuteronomy 7:8

I Chronicles 16:15                   Psalms 105:8


What exactly is a generation, in terms of years?  A generation is defined from the date of birth until the age at which the average person initially gives issue to the next generation (has his or her first child).  In early world history, generally was about 20 years.  As times advanced with increased health and living patterns, a contemporary generation became more like 30 years. 


So, the Biblical citations of “1,000 generations” possibly could mean 20,000 to 30,000 years.  The next question may be whether these Biblical uses of that term have any relevance to when we could expect in the second coming?  My understanding is that Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible in the 1400 +BC era, the general time frame from which most of those four scripture citations come about “1,000 generations.”  So, do we wonder if the second coming may be more like 18000 AD to 28000 AD?


Whenever HE comes, it will be the most supreme blessing for all believers.  I plan to greet him then, OR to be among those already in Heaven who come with Jesus and the angels to greet the earth resident believers at the time of the second coming!  Meanwhile, my inclination is not to spend too much energy advocating that others embrace with vigor the assumption that He’s coming in the next few months, or even within our lifetimes.   


My hope is that fellow believers will find some credence in these comments, and that such friends would not need to render my thoughts as without merit or even heretical.


D. A. Sharpe, September 2017

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